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We own and operate Florida Five Star and own several of the homes featured on this site. We have been in the business of renting vacation homes for almost 10 years. We are fully licensed in the state of Florida and have a unique hands on approach to every aspect of our business, which very much sets us apart from larger companies.

Our standards of service and quality of product are probably better than the majority of our larger competitors. Have a look at our testimonials. We only feature top class homes.

We live in the Formosa area where the majority of our houses are located and are always available for assistance if required. We are within a 2 minute drive of all but one of the sub divisions on which we have houses. [Eagle Point is a 8 minute drive.]

Site Information
We use this site for two purposes -

for those of you who have just found the site on the internet via a search engine, it provides a complete picture of the vacation renting process and also showcases the houses we have available. If you see a suitable house and would like to enquire about reserving it, please click here

for those of you who have already enquired about renting a particular property you will find the houses listed in the appropriate section of the top level menus. Each house listing contains all the information you require together with links to photo gallery, location map, sub division details and an on line reservation form hosted on a secure server.

Location Location Location
If you are visiting Central Florida for a Disney vacation you need to be close to the Parks -

all the houses we feature are located in Osceola County and are very, very close to Disney

many rental houses you will see advertised are located in Polk and Lake Counties
and are many, many miles from Disney

check out our Location links for each house we rent Click For Example Location

make sure you check out the exact location of any house you are thinking of renting

do not be fooled by 'close to Disney' 'minutes from the parks' - check the actual location of each house you are considering renting.

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Telephone 321 939 2988
Fax 321 939 2989
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